Tiny Giants win The 20Creathon

by Arian on January 02, 2018

We could not be more proud of our Tiny Giants Bart Brinkman and Ivan de Wolf and their team including Pim van Butselaar from the DesignLab at the University of Twente.

They won the International 20Creathon of Novel-T

Novel-T believes in changing tomorrow’s economy by shaping a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. This drives the economy of the region by connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure.

They help innovative entrepreneurs to develop and give scale-ups the room they need to grow by giving access to knowledge and connect to international networks of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and talent.

Their initiative ‘20Creathon’ invited young talented and international oriented people, to participate and upgrade the smart city solutions to the next level: implementing it into the world.

City representatives from Gemeente Enschede’s sister cities all over the world came to discuss Smart Living Societies: Palo Alto (U.S.A.); Dalian (China); Linköping (Sweden); Heidelberg and Münster (Germany).