Inforsecurity & Computable Future Lab with MafiaBoy

by Arian on January 02, 2018

Tiny Giants was selected to be part of the Computable Future Lab during the 2017 & Data & Cloud Expo Nederland 2017 combined exposition.

The world of IT is constantly developing. What was trending topic yesterday, is history today. The IT-professional wants to be and stay future proof. Data & Cloud Expo is the biggest event on data management and cloud computing for IT managers and IT professionals in The Netherlands.

Enabling a clear vision on what data can tell us, one needs a visual communication studio!

The role that IT management and storage play within organisations is changing. Cloud solutions make it so that physical data centres are not always in-house with companies, but hosted by external providers. According to Gartner, no cloud policies will be just as rare in 2020 as no Internet policies are today. In short, data management and cloud computing are trending topics in IT-business. This development demands new technologies, policies and a clear vision. Delivering a clear vision is where Tiny Giants comes in!

“Hoogwaardige custom 3D modeling en contentcreatie. Als jong bedrijf werken zij hard aan het verfraaien van onze digitale samenleving.” - infosecurity - netherlands

Visitors experienced us live in the Computable Future Lab @ Jaarbeurs, meeting a big diversity in innovations and innovative organizations and witnessing the latest trends in the fields of:

- 3D modeling

- Blockchain

- Virtual reality

- Augmented reality

- Artificial intelligence

- Machine learning

The Michael Calce aka. “MafiaBoy” encounter

Michael “MafiaBoy” Calce is Canada’s most notorious White Hat hacker, a cyber - security expert and author of ‘How I Cracked the Internet and why It’s Still Broken’. In February 2000, at the age of 15, MafiaBoy launched a series of high-profile-denial-of-service attacks against large commercial websites, including eBay, Amazon and E*Trade – it has been  estimated that these attacks cost the organisations upwards of $1 .5 billion dollars in lost revenue. Today, Canada’s most infamous reformed hacker is the president of Optimal Secure, a Montreal - based cybersecurity firm specialising in penetration testing. He works with companies like HP to help raise awareness around cyber security so companies can ensure their network is as secure as  possible. His background allows him to work in a unique way, as he thinks like a hacker, therefore he can help anticipate issues before they arise. MafiaBoy has collaborated with HP to raise awareness about the evolving threat landscape that companies and individuals face today.  His unique perspective and background  enables him to show and tell others why they need to be cognizant of how they share data, operate online, and protect their data.

Bart Brinkman, Co-Founder of Tiny Giants, took the opportunity of meeting Mr. Calce during the biggest Data & Cloud conference of the Netherlands and asked him the following critical question:

"Now that we established the internet is inherently flawed in its design, and we are here right now at the Infosecurity market - shouldn't we be afraid that the big companies with the biggest share of user engagement are going to keep capitalizing on the market?"

Mr. Calces worries, and agreeing to Bart’s skepticism are of course based on the experiences and true fact which he encountered in his past of discovering the flipside of the internet.

If you would like to learn more about MafiaBoy we have a great tip for you. His documentary in collaboration with HP is can be found right here: