Another happy client - Homey comes to life

by Arian on January 02, 2018

The acknowledgment after achieving set goals together with our clients and partners is what allows us to always perform the best way we can!

But receiving gratitude and appreciation as we did from our friends at Homey, by Athom does even more than that; it proves that a healthy and personal relationship between you and your client is worth a thousand smiles (in our case at least four smiles).

During our time of working together we delivered many satisfying products for Athom.

For their product Homey, Athom required an interactive demo to show off its functionalities.

Homey connects with all your devices and makes them approachable at one central place. You can control them with your voice, your smartphone, or automatically make them follow your own rules.

To fully convey the capabilities of Homey, Athom asked Tiny Giants to create an interior visualization in which the product can be experienced visually. 

The results are being presented in Media Market stores since mid-November 2016

When Athom’s interactive webshop ‘Talks with Homey’ required a 3D representation of a perfect home in which the visitor could see the application possibilities when acquiring a product that talks with Homey.

Allowing to overview everything in a single perspective was quite a challenge, but not too big of a challenge for the Tiny Giants team.

What Athom was most happy with is the visual effect quality with which we enhanced their promotional video ‘Everything at home connected’.

Thank you for the gift Athom and colorful regards to Homey! You can find out more about Homey @