The birth of New Imaging - Visual Craftsmanship

by Arian on January 02, 2018

We have always been open for collaboration. Putting each other's strong sides together in order to master even bigger challenges and achieve even better results should be the natural instinct of any creative entity.

For the once were already wondering the past few months what Tiny Giants is busy with again:

It should be obvious by now that in collaboration with Roy Ensink Fotografie, Newframe, Tom Knol, Selanski & Frans Dekker we have launched a collective.

Our collective is called New Imaging Co. and will be busy with enhancing the market with high-end visual content!

This means that Tiny Giants 3D still exists as an individual and independent 3D studio but achieves success for multidisciplinary concepts and projects together with the bigger collective!

If you would like to know more about us and New Imaging Co. and the possibilities for you just send us an email, give us a call or visit us at our new studio at the Performance Factory.