We are a dynamic team that helps high-budget business, culture, and entertainment organizations bringing their vision to life. We craft digital content, strategies, and concepts that go beyond expectations. Embracing good and honest communication, we aspire to create a positive impact with each project, connecting people with brands through narratives infused with creativity, integrity, and a touch of wit.

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Visual Effects
Character Animation
Motion Graphics
Logo Animation
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Our Impact

We love being part of social projects, making positive impacts in our community

Our Team

Arian, our project management maestro and liaison between artists and clients. Working remotely, he uncovers ideal brand matches, collaborators, and unique stories. Beyond work, Arian immerses himself in music, finding harmony on the dance floor and in beats. His multifaceted approach blends project management with adventure and a love for music, creating a symphony of creativity and passion.

Arian Hohmann
Travel Diplomat

Bart, our captain of authenticity, fosters trust and balance in client relationships with integrity. Guiding our team towards creative freedom, he cruises in his flame-printed Citroen 2CV, epitomizing realness and cool.

Bart Brinkman
Ship’s Captain

Bas, our towering titan of 3D visualization, brings virtual worlds to life with precision. His gentle demeanor shines in every interaction, while his culinary prowess crafts dishes with meticulous detail and love.

Sebastian Helmig
3D (actual) Giant

Meet Ivan, our visual symphony maestro and art director. With unmatched expertise in digital content creation, he transforms our team's visions into cohesive masterpieces. Under his guidance, our creative endeavors reach new heights of innovation, making every pixel a brushstroke and every frame a canvas. Ivan's creativity shapes the future of visual storytelling.

Ivan de Wolf
Multi-Universe Guardian

Vasil, the Assembly Smith, merges visual disciplines seamlessly, from 3D generation to video editing. His kindness and creativity infuse every project, while his passion for painting transcends into mesmerizing digital art.

Vasil Grancharov
Assembly Smith

Alexandra, the enchantress of motion graphics, turns dreams into reality with mesmerizing visuals. Her boundless imagination translates daily experiences into captivating creations on screen, while her culinary finesse shines in off-duty delights.

Alexandra Danilla
Motion Fairy

Jeffrey, our image wizard, wields Photoshop mastery, breathing life into every pixel. His reliability ensures projects are executed with care, while his passion for skiing fuels fearless adventures on the slopes.

Jeffrey Entjes
Image Wizard

Frans, our team patriarch and expert Art Director, blends 30+ years of photography and concept development to achieve clients' goals. Affectionately known as the godfather, his guidance navigates our creative endeavors to unparalleled success.

Frans Dekker

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Located in the Netherlands, our international team includes designers, project managers, 2D/3D artists, directors, illustrators, videographers, and photographers. Together, we weave captivating stories for all kinds of cultural and business groups.

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